Travel advisory: Safety during COVID-19

We seek your kind assistance to safeguard your well-being, as well as that of your fellow passengers and our crew on board our flights, by following the guidelines set out below:

• TruJet shall provide a complimentary safety kit (three layered surgical masks, a face shield, and a sanitizer) to all customers at the boarding gate.

• All customers should wear a mask, face shield, gown (if applicable) and sanitize their hands before proceeding to the boarding gate.

• Customers must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, throughout their journey with TruJet. The mask may be removed while eating and drinking.

• Please maintain appropriate social distancing while boarding and de-boarding the aircraft.

• Kindly adhere to all the announcements and other directives issued by our ground staff and/or crew at all points of time during your journey.

• Customers are also requested to familiarize themselves with the guidelines for air passengers published by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation here

• On board the Aircraft, in case any passenger does not adhere to wearing of mask properly even after repeated warnings, he/she should be de-boarded, if need be, before departure. In case, any passenger on board an aircraft refuses to wear mask or violates the “COVID-19 protocol for passengers” even after repeated warnings, during the course of the flight, such passenger may be treated as “UNRULY PASSENGER” as defined in para 3.1 of Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) Section 3 Series M Part VI (dated 8th September, 2017).

Caution: Customers are advised to strictly follow all COVID-19 protocols. Failure to comply with these guidelines and the directions of our ground staff and/or crew may attract penal action against the concerned individual.


About Us


To be recognized as a leader in the passenger airline business and to ensure that efficiency and integrity are at the core of all our actions, so as to enhance enterprise value for our stakeholders


To redefine standards of excellence in service and become the airline of choice in the evolving air transportation industry To attain the highest possible standards of excellence in all our operating procedures and processes To build a pan India network leveraging the latest technology and best industry practices

About Us:

Turbo Megha Airways Pvt Ltd is a scheduled regional carrier with the Scheduled Commuter Operator permit operating under the brand name Trujet.

Trujet promoted by Turbo Megha Airways Pvt Ltd is headquartered in Hyderabad India. Trujet started its commercial operations during 2015.

Currently Trujet is operating to twenty two destinations across India with Eight ATR 72 Aircraft. We are in process of inducting more aircraft

We offer passenger service at very convenient timings across the network knowing the business and leisure traveler needs.

Trujet welcomes you to the ever growing family of truly friendly flyers.

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